22 September, 2008

Flower Pop

It always amazes me how many of these enamel pins were made, and in how many variations. A while back I saw a beautiful collection of them on someone's blog (if anyone else remembers this, please leave the link in the comments!), all laid by color. Here are a few that are currently for sale on Etsy (links below).

1st Row: Relics Renewed, Vintage Elephant, Porky Pie Designs
2nd Row: True Colors For You, Lil Old Lady, Miss Cece's Jewels
3rd Row: Jenn Ski Vintage, Boutiki Hut, Boomer Girls Vintage
4th Row: Yesterday's Treasures, Deux Marie, Skirt Chaser

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Woaw it's a great color of Flower
j'aime bien !! I like