03 August, 2008

Valise Girl

I bought these suitcases at Alameda Point today, to use as props in my next trade show booth. Aren't they amazing? The little one with the number 6 on it is apparently from the evacuation of British children during WW2. Does anyone know more about this? The case looks chronologically accurate, and the size is comparable to other evacuee suitcases I've seen, but I'm curious to find out more about the number on it.*

*Addendum: apparently the case (which may have been an evacuee suitcase- who knows) was painted with the number six as part of a Ralph Lauren store display. You can see another bag from the same display here. I still think it's adorable, even if it's not quite so historically significant.

1 comment:

lisa solomon said...

i know nothing, but all of them sure look cute!!