09 June, 2008


Yesterday I went to the semi-annual Art Deco sale in San Francisco. It was pretty disheartening to see how the economy has affected this sort of show... it was all the buzz at the trade shows this year as well, but I was especially sad to see only about 2/3 of the usual vendors here, and therefore only 2/3 of the gorgeous vintage goods that are usually on display. I did luck out, though, with this amazing set of Iroquois china! It was a steal, and I love it, particularly the serving pieces. You know how much I love creamers- look at this gorgeous one! I can't wait for my next dinner party.


jennwhisper said...

omg i love the shape! and the salt and pepper shakers are amazing!

Jessica Jones said...

Whoa! Awesome!

andrea of ffft said...

Yup, I want these when I grow up. I am already trying to figure out where to store them... hmmmm.