26 September, 2007

Rec Room

These photos are from a house down the street from us that is for sale. I am so jealous of the knotty pine!! I am secretly hoping that when the new owners tear it all out (inevitably- have you watched any home improvement shows lately?), I will be able to salvage some of it for our den. The bar is my favorite part... look at those stools! I am willing to bet that the previous owners played lots of Mancini records and made canapes with pineapple and ham.


Bubeau said...

How much for the house?

Ivy Arts said...

What a groovy room. It's too bad about it's inevitable deconstruction. Damn HGTV. :)

Piper said...

Oh my god. Hannah if you notice that they are remodeling this (construction evidence) would you please be so bold as to ask if these stools are for sale? Can you imagine how rad they would look at our bar? We could probably only fit half of them around it, but still.