31 August, 2008

Blog Day!

Happy Blog Day, everyone! As per tradition, I want to share a couple of blogs I've been enjoying lately, and mention their authors.

I love just about everything on Matt Bites. Matt is an amazing photographer and stylist, and I have a huge crush on him and his husband.

When it comes to art and design, my taste is incredibly similar to Jim's atModern Craft. I am consistently impressed with his finds. (And yes, that is my typewriter card... shameless, I know.)

I can't get enough of Snippet & Ink to satisfy my girly wedding fantasies.

Pam at House Martin always posts the prettiest things. I love her floral work!

I would be remiss to omit the fabulous Rich of FourFour. I have become addicted to more than a few reality shows simply because I love reading his episode recaps at the VH1 blog so much...

And I know I'm far from the only girl who is insanely jealous of Alicia's lovely home and family, which she photographs and writes about so well on Posie Gets Cozy.

There is no person I'd rather look to for kitchen inspiration and recipes than Smitten Kitchen's Deb.

Some other fantastic blogs I visit regularly (for a more complete list, see the right-hand column): Pret a Voyager, Retro Renovation, 3191 (my homepage!), Cake Wrecks, More Ways to Waste Time, Oh! Happy Day, and Uppercase Journal, The "Blog" of "Uneccessary" Quotation Marks.


Kathryn said...

Thanks so much for including me! Happy Blog Day to you, too!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. You have totally flattered me with your words and by putting me in such AMAZING company!

You have such a beautiful site, too!

And for the record, a day without Rich at FourFour is like a day without Tyra. Very sad.

Alicia P. said...

Why, thank you Hannah! How kind of you -- I appreciate that. xo, a

Modern Craft said...

Wow-- thank you for including me! And I have to tell you how much I love your cards. Your graphic talent is remarkable and your cards are really beautiful! --Jim

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks so much! What great company I am in!